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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bring Jobs to Mohave County-Letter to the Editor

 This is my latest letter to the local papers. It has so far been accepted in Lake Havasu and Kingman Daily Miner. Not holding my breath waiting to hear from Mohave Daily News.

Dear Editor,

  I am sick of hearing the Governor soliciting votes on top of her immigration bill which she herself stated was in no way going to protect our borders.
In the meantime so many of us here in Mohave County have either lost our jobs or are on the brink. Instead of posturing for her campaign,
the Governor should be working on bringing sustainable jobs to us.

We can no longer rely solely on hospitality jobs from Nevada. Those days are long gone.
Think about this. Why does Portland Oregon lead in solar technology when they have rain 9 months out of the year? Why does the state with a sun on their flag lag?
We should be leading not only in solar but in wind. We need renewable energy and sustainable jobs.

Thank you

Kimberly Lawrence
Bullhead City

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