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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Andrei Cherny 4 AZ State Treasurer 2010

As an Arizona criminal prosecutor, a nationally-recognized economic policy expert, and a businessman working with some of America’s top companies, Andrei Cherny has been a leader on the issues confronting Arizona’s economy in the 21st century. As State Treasurer, he'll be "the taxpayers' bulldog" in going after those who misuse government funds whether they're in Wall Street banks or in the state bureaucracy.  He'll work across party lines to use the powers of the office to make safer investments that spur new job growth; use audits to help reform government so that it works better and costs less; and help make Arizona "the Solar State " -- a national leader in solar energy jobs.

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Because sunlight is the beginning of accountability and reform in state government.  Arizona taxpayers have a right to know which corporations are getting their education endowment dollars.  The State Treasurer's office should reveal to the public the full list of Arizona's stock holdings because citizens deserve the truth.

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