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Friday, August 6, 2010

Save Our Schools ! Vote Terry Goddard 4 Governor Arizona

In a recent conversation with an ultra-conservative pal of mine, the topic of education funding came up. I told her my view on the Republican agenda of allowing the public school system to fail so that they may go forward with privatizing education in order to indoctrinate our kids with what they choose to have in the curriculum. This would include rewriting history as the Texas Board of Education has done and to also push Creationism and Christianity as the definitive religion.

Her answer to me was:

Conservatives cut increases in school monies because schools are already failing, not the other way around. It's like throwing water on an oil fire, it just makes it thirstier. They've been proving that one for decades now.

Sorry my friend but I just don't understand the whole philosophy of allowing our schools to fail simply because they are already failing. That's utter nonsense. 

The public school system could thrive under the right circumstances and if people supported them better. Look at the money Governor Brewer raised for her campaign, er umm, I mean legal defense fund! Instead of focusing on jobs and our children she's putting all her energy into her campaign. We are quickly losing everything we worked so hard for and she's playing games with immigration reform and now has jumped on the bandwagon against health care reform..must be August again. 

Jan Brewer is only interested in Jan Brewer and her fascist, hate filled buddies who are helping advance her political career. 

Meantime, Terry Goddard has been working hard to rid us of the true criminals and will make a much more effective governor than Ms Brewer could ever hope to be. 

Here is SOS Goddard's view on our education system. Then join me in helping elect this fine man so we can begin to put Arizona back together again.

Get involved!
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