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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Into Action With the Kotterman Campaign

Penny Kotterman 
For Superintendent of Public Instruction

Dear Friend of Public Education,

The weather is getting warmer and so is the political landscape in Arizona. The Arizona Legislature and the Governor continue to make bad decisions for families, children, public education, and the future of our state. In 2010 we need strong leadership with a vision for change and the experience to make it happen. I want to be certain a teacher and long-time public education advocate is elected as our next Superintendent of Public Instruction. Arizona does not need any more politicians, lawyers or political consultants running our schools. We need the innovation and creativity of a teacher coupled with the courage and tenacity of a parent to get results. That's why I need your help and support to win this race for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

We have just over 200 days left until the first mail ballots are cast in the primary election. To help meet our fund raising goals for March, we need to raise $3,200 in the next week. Your contributions today will go directly to supporting our grassroots field development, signs, mail and phone calls so that we can get the message about our campaign out to Democratic and Independent primary voters across Arizona. Please make a contribution today of $20, $40 or $100 to our campaign!

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