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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Terry Goddard Declines to Join Lawsuits Against Federal Health Care Law

Arizona's Attorney General Terry Goddard has opted out of the lawsuit against the Federal Government regarding the Health Insurance Reform Bill that was signed into law earlier this week. AG Goddard felt it was in the best interest financially for Arizona.The States resources are scarce and he feels strongly (as I do) that we need to focus on somehow getting Kids Care back, among other things, and taking care of our precious children.  

"Our State's unique and successful AHCCCS program, coupled with our history of waiving certain federal Medicaid requirements and our recent effort to opt out of SCHIP (KidsCare), makes us different from the States filing the suit," he said. "Our facts simply don't match their allegations."
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  1. Its good to see that your AG isnt a complete retard like the one we have here in Michigan


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