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Monday, March 22, 2010

Goddard Calls On State To Revive Kids-Care Program

 I am trying to refrain from endorsing any one candidate on this blog but Terry Goddard is just what Arizona needs to get back on track. Governor Brewer and the Conservative Az Legislature are killing out great state. Do they want people to leave? They will succeed in driving citizens away if the inhumane cuts to our children and the working poor continue. I have Terry's back! Join me.


Today, Attorney General Terry Goddard called on Governor Brewer and the Arizona legislature to do the right thing--reconsider their decision to eliminate the KidsCare program, which provides health insurance for tens of thousands of Arizona children. The program was eliminated in the state budget passed last week by the Republicans in charge.

"Like many Arizona parents, I am shocked by what the gang down at the Capitol has done.  Abandoning children is immoral," Goddard said.  "Eliminating children from our health insurance program is not consistent with Arizona values.  We face a choice between closing off one of the many tax loopholes that have benefited corporations and the rich, or cutting off the neediest children.  Arizona must do the right thing, and revive KidsCare."

"If the Governor will do the right thing, I will stand by her side.  Our children are too important to let partisanship divide us."

If you share these values, please forward this email to your friends and family, and encourage them to join our campaign.

Thank you,

The Goddard Team

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