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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sweet Home Arizona

Rodney Glassman really "Rocks the Vote" in his new video.  \:D/
Hope John McCain will remember...

Vote Rodney Glassman 4 Senate


  1. Hello! We didn't know Rodney could sing.
    Great song. And so true. I wished every Arizonian could hear it. So many people do not know just what John McCain has not done for us, and has done to us.
    He voted against extending unemployment benefits, and when I told him economists agree unemployment insurance is one of the best ways to get the economy going again, he said: "not the economists I talked to."
    At the time I forgot about the report HIS economist co-authored July 28 saying that.
    Can be found at: "McCain's economist: Dem's policies averted great depression, saved 8.5 million jobs."
    Apparently he does not talk to his own economist.
    He voted against the loans to small business bill which would provide credit to small businesses, creating jobs.
    and on and on, - one of the "vote no" guys whose salary, perks, benefits, retirement we pay. We have been paying.

    Anyway, Rodney Glassman is a breath of fresh air and has good ideas to improve our lives.
    We are happy he came along. Anyone who has not met him, please make the effort to do so.

    God Bless America.

    Marrion Steele, Bullhead City

  2. Thank you Marrion..You're truly an awesome person.


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