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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

NO ON PROP 302!!

 This article appeared this morning in my local paper:

Prop. 302 would divert cash from schools to close budget gap

And this from The Coolidge Examiner on Sept 8th.

The voters in Arizona just passed Prop 100 to tax ourselves to offset the budget cuts to education and now someone wants to take the money away from another venue.

Taking tobacco monies specifically meant to go towards that goal would make Prop 100 null and void. It makes no sense to me especially since the Governor has gone on record as saying she "balanced the budget". If that's the truth then why does the legislature need to keep taking from the kids?

I was a client of First Things First before Gov Brewer robbed me of my childcare business. They work one on one with each client to ensure they get what is needed for their particular program in order to ensure health, safety and preschool education for children who's parents are struggling to make ends meet. It's a great program and the Arizona voters thought so enough to support the tobacco tax to get the program off the ground.

FTF has over 300,000 clients who would be affected by the repeal! Why do we always punish the children and the poor when they are the ones who need us the most.

You can go here to the Az Secretary of State voter information website and read the text of the proposed amendment along with pros and cons.

Remember it was the voters who wanted this program in the first place. Don't allow Prop 302 to steal it away from our kids. My kids always come first in my budget. This is how it should be in the state budget also.

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