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Monday, September 13, 2010

Manuel Cruz Candidate for Arizona State Mine Inspector

Arizona's Future

Manuel Cruz, candidate for Arizona State Mine Inspector, has fifteen years experience as a Miner, Explosives Engineer, and Safety Director.  His mission is to help Arizona set the bar to become the safest and best mining state in the nation.

As we look at Arizona's future, we have to ask ourselves "Do we want another West Virginia disaster in our state, or do we want someone that puts Arizonans and mine safety first?"  In the last 6 months, the country has had over 50 mining deaths with 2 of those being in Arizona.  Every year, accidents and injuries have increased and are currently at an all time high.  Mr. Cruz's years of experience in the mining industry and impeccable track record of bringing miners home safely make him the best choice for Arizona State Mine Inspector.

Arizonans are concerned with the environmental impacts on their communities.  Miners are asking for new leadership and abandoned mines are claiming the lives of our children.  It's time to put a miner with real experience and real solutions in office; it's time for a change.

Arizona needs a better State Mine Inspector and with his experience and your vote, he can get the job done.

Vote on November 2nd - General Election!

Real Experience, Real Solutions


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