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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mohave County Democratic Party

The Mohave County Democratic Party is the official arm of the National Democratic Party for Mohave County. We can provide you with the opportunity to help shape our state and national political systems' operational methods. Democrats believe in progressive government that promotes freedom, fiscal responsibility, security, health and education. We encourage you to help us make these a priority.

If you feel uncomfortable with how the Republican minority operates; with their relentless chatter about "no tax and spend" economics and their blatant eagerness to see the ultimate failure of President Barack Obama, you are not alone. Many others believe as you do. However, it is not good enough to complain to your friends. Too much is at stake: your job security, the economy, your freedoms, and your safety. You need to get involved and do something that makes a difference.
Patrick Gonzales

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