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Saturday, April 10, 2010

JD Hayworth Deems Dems Down for the Count

 From an article in the Arizona Daily Star ( ) JD Hayworth is arrogantly scoffing at the Democrats chances in Novembers election:

Hayworth deems Dems election chances dubious

 U.S. Sen. John McCain and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth initially struck a conciliatory note after Rodney Glassman's entrance into the race this week, with both men welcoming the recent City Council member into the fray.
But immediately, Hayworth scoffed at Democratic hopes the general election will be a re-run of 1976, when a similarly young and unknown Democrat, Dennis DeConcini of Tucson, took the U.S. Senate seat after a brutal primary left the Republicans in puddles.
(For the complete article please see the Political Notebook



Me thinks JD sounds a bit cocky. While Arizona is at the moment a "Red" state, I wouldn't count us out just yet. The Republican legislature in the past year has cut funding to education and social services, leaving scores of families without income or resources.  Of course they wouldn't think to take cuts to their own benefits, although they have been asked.  The working poor in the state are taking the brunt of downed economy. How much more can we take before we begin to pack up and leave. It's already happening. Do they care? Seems not. 

And so we have a fight on our hands. I'm up for it. I hate being counted out before we even get geared up. It makes me more determined. Rodney Glassman is more than qualified to stand as our Senator. 
Rodney Glassman for United States Senate from Arizona

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