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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fear and Being Loathesome in Arizona

And did I mention Lies?? 

Congressman Trent Franks is at it again. This time however his Town Hall meeting in Kingman was party to 240 people compared to the thousand said to have attended last August. And since I was there last Summer,  I can honestly agree with the numbers.
And once again he is filling peoples heads with fear of nuclear and Electro-Mechanical pulse attacks  from Iran. These war mongerers won't be happy until we are in another Cold War or perhaps worse...Why!!?? $$$$ That's why..

The biggest threat facing the country is jihadist terrorism, Franks said. He criticized President Barak Obama’s nuclear treaty with Russia and said that Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons was a dangerous turn of events. He criticized Obama for reducing the country’s nuclear arsenal but not doing anything to reduce Iran’s nuclear capacity.

Franks warned of the threat of Iran launching a nuclear missile from a mobile launcher at the country. He also spoke of the dangers of an electro-mechanical pulse weapon that could destroy the country’s electrical grid. Franks also said the Obama administration beats up Israel for building homes in the West Bank but does not beat up Iran for building nuclear weapons.

He spewed the same sewage last Summer after showing the film "33 Minutes" 
Touting Reagan as a super hero god..I'm still gagging on that... He also told the crowd how he would be joining in a lawsuit to have the President produce his birth certificate and prove his citizenship. Just a couple of days later he stated in the press that he had decided against joining in the suit. Further down the road he denied ever saying such a thing and threw his own constituents under the bus by saying they had it all wrong. There's a video for that too :) This video states that he received proof of Obama's citizenship shortly after the inagural.   Franks
You can read about my personal experience in one of my earlier works from just after the meeting in August here: 

The latter was actually a letter to the editor I had published in at least two county papers.

How can he say he received proof just after the inaguration then in August tell the mob he was going to sue for proof? In my house mister, that's called L_Y_I_N_G ! You play to the audience in your silk suit and try to come off like you're one of the people? You're a disgrace. You play to peoples fears and paranoia.
Franks then turned to the audience to ask questions or make comments. One speaker spoke of the government’s role in passing laws to provide jobs for illegal immigrants.

Franks said he did not know if the Obama administration will take up the illegal immigration issue but said the administration and the Democrat Party would benefit from signing up illegal immigrants for citizenship to get their votes. Franks said it is essential that the country’s borders are secure.
In my opinion Mr Franks certainly wouldn't benefit from legalizing immigrants. You have to care about all humans (not just the white conservatives)  to have them care about you. I take it as a compliment.  

Franks again criticized England’s health care system by saying, “If  you have a cold call a doctor but if you have diabetes or cancer, call a travel agency.”

Anyone?? Anyone??

Franks repeated former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s quote about not fighting back in a schoolyard in reference to Obama’s signing of the nuclear treaty, saying she was right. He also said he signed a bill that would repeal Obama’s health care bill but it would take about three years, providing the Republicans win back Congress and the presidency in 2012.

For one thing, if you have to go so far as to quote Sister Sarah, you need a new speech writer! Another thing, Arizona is now ranked 50th in the country for education and you want to spend our tax dollars on fighting legislation that is now law? Something that will help countless Americans. And you call yourself a fiscal conservative? I guess you're only conservative when it comes to voting down children's health care benefits, childcare subsidies so parents can work and go to school and of course we don't need no stinkin' money for teachers and school supplies! Just as long as your priorities are straight Mr Franks! 

In a question about the education system, Franks said parents should be empowered to educate their own children how they see fit.

Huh?? Hmmm I bet he's talking about those pesky school vouchers again. We should be taking care of our public school system. And that's how I see fit.

All I can say is that I will do what I can to see this liar and betrayer of the people run out of office. My vote will be for Mr. John Thrasher in November. Join me in putting Arizona back on the right track! 

Media Source: JIM SECKLER/The Mohave Daily News

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  1. Nice job; you go girl :)!! Franks is another lying hypocrite...too bad the R's don't have enoug integrity to care. They can all go to hell, trouble is they're taking US w/them :(


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