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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

#Az Gov Brewer fears tax cuts could hurt election

 Well I guess that title says it all. It amazes me how brazen she is about not wanting to hurt her chances in the coming elections like it's something to be proud of. 

 Gov. Jan Brewer wants planned tax cuts for businesses structured in a way that doesn’t undermine her bid to convince Arizonans to vote higher taxes on themselves.

At least she's honest!

 Brewer noted the House-passed plan would actually start cutting taxes on some of the state’s largest businesses even as she wants consumers to pay more on everything they buy. And that, she conceded, might convince voters they to reject the tax hike at a special election next month. “Certainly we can’t go in and ask the voters for a one-cent temporary sales tax and then turn around and give that all away in tax cuts,” she said. “So it has to be implemented properly.”

Is that like me convincing my husband to work on the yard in a way that makes him believe it's all his idea? Sounds like Gov Brewer can be sneaky and manipulative to me...

Brewer said that means approving the tax cuts now, but not having them kick in for several years. She did not provide a specific timetable.
But the governor said she was aware of one provision which would actually start lowering corporate income taxes next year. And Brewer said she won’t agree to anything that becomes a political liability to the May 18 tax hike vote.
“That’s what we’re working on,” she said.

The Governor giveth and the Governor taketh away 

Brewer isn’t the only one having a hard time with the package that already has been approved by the House.
Senate President Bob Burns said he cannot agree with one element of the plan which would start cutting corporate income taxes next year.
“I’m not so sure it’s wise to do it that way,” he said.
Then there’s the public relations aspect of asking voters for more money even while promising tax breaks to corporations.
“I’m sure there’ll be some media play on that,” Burns said, especially with the huge price tag on the plan.

Senator Burns is a Republican State Senator from Peoria representing LD9. 

 As approved by the House, the total package eventually would reduce state revenues by $940 million a year. By contrast, the new sales tax would raise about $1 billion a year for three years.“I think the media could have a good time with that,” Burns said.

Some how I don't think Governor Jan is going to take your advice there Bob!  

  You can read more on the story here at 
The East Valley Tribune

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  1. Jan Brewer is clearly not considering the best interests of the people of AZ if she wants to pay big business with our tax money at the same time she is firing teachers and cops. How wrong can this go? It is an insult to the public to even suggest such a thing and our state congress gloats about it.


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