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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arizona Birther Bill And A Little More

It's certainly nice to know that the Arizona Legislature, between their "Immigration Reform" bill or as I like to call it "An Open License to racial profiling" , ridding us of the pesky concealed weapons permits and  cutting funding to unnecessary crap like childrens health Insurance, education and Child Care subsidies, they have found the time to continue with conversations questioning the Presidents origin of birth!

 Introduced by Rep. Judy Burges.  The bill, HB 2441, would require future presidential candidates to file proof of constitutional eligibility (including birth certificate) with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office before qualifying for the ballot. 

 Then to add to my ire, the author of this particular "Daily Brief" post, a Mr Lyburn Ferguson finds it necessary to point out the he too is 'curious' about the Presidents Birth Certificate! 

He goes on to state:

I don’t fault Rep. Burges or others who question, out of curiosity, Mr. Obama’s credentials.  The fact is that the mainstream press and the White House have sounded like Willy Wonka in his Chocolate Factory on this issue.  I keep hearing Willy Wonka tell the children, “never ever doubt what nobody is sure about.”  This should be a non-issue that is easy to clear up.  I don’t know about you, but I keep a copy of my birth certificate locked up in my files.  I’ve found that I need it for a lot of legal purposes.  I’m sure Mr. Obama has one too and it shouldn’t be that hard to produce.

For a site that is  supposedly
I honestly don't see any common sense in his writings.

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