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Monday, March 29, 2010

Statement on Gov. Brewer's Special Session Today

Don Bivens, Arizona Democratic Party chairman, gives the following statement on today's special session that Gov. Brewer called to seek the authority to sue the federal government:

Governor Brewer
"Anyone can see right through Gov. Brewer's call for a special session - this is a political publicity stunt. It's stunning that, amid a massive budget crisis, the governor is eager to waste taxpayer dollars to pursue a frivolous lawsuit to repeal health-insurance reform. What is she thinking?

"This year, Arizonans will start to receive important protections and benefits from this historic reform. Seniors will get relief from Medicare's costly prescription 'donut hole,' small-business owners will get a tax cut to help them provide health coverage for employees, and children will no longer be denied care because of pre-existing conditions. These are just a few of the protections Gov. Brewer intends to take away from Arizonans. It's wrong for her to use the people as props in her political games."

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