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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Message from John Thrasher

He really said this?  YES HE DID!
     "It is my conviction that this bill will fundamentally diminish the greatest health care system in the world, and that many of those who support it today will be its victims tomorrow." 
Trent Franks, March 22, 2010, upon passage of the most sweeping reform in health care in history! 

     Now, what John Thrasher says, and why you should vote for him in 2010:

 John will lead the fight for new jobs in clean and renewable energy; for development of green jobs utilizing solar and wind; to provide the training necessary to develop marketable labor skills in the multinational economy of today. 

     John will support public education by fighting to fully fund our schools ensuring our students are prepared to compete in the world of tomorrow.

     John will lead the fight for investing in our infrastructure by funding what needs to be built, fixed, or repaired. 

     John will lead the fight to bring high quality manufacturing jobs back to our country; jobs that will enable our middle class to realize the American dream.  John will make us proud to build and buy products that are truly, Made in America!

     John will lead the fight to keep our communities safe by fully funding our first responders: Law Enforcement, Fire, and Emergency Medical services.

     John will lead the fight to support small business with necessary loans, decreased regulation, and updated 'makes sense' tax laws.  John believes that keeping our small businesses prosperous will aid in the strengthening of our communities.

     John will work on the needs of our Veterans.  In particular, John will fight for the needs of our veterans returning home from two wars in the Middle East.  Especially for those who will struggle with PTSD, and other injuries.  John will fight to ensure there are no delays in keeping our promises to these fine men and women

     John will take the voice of voters in District 2 to Washington.

      My name is John Thrasher.  I am running for the United States House of Representatives in District 2, Arizona.


How to Contribute or Volunteer
Contribute today at:

Or by mail:
John Thrasher For Congress
5350 W Bell Rd C-122 #484
Glendale, Arizona 85308

Volunteer Opportunities are available:
Forward to all your friends and make your contribution today.  Give John Thrasher the support needed to bring back the American Dream.

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