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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Party of Me

Just off the back of my post yesterday
(Arizona Legislature passes budget bill with $1B in cuts)
about the Az Republican Legislature cutting funds to programs for the children and the poor, we get to see how completely the greed envelopes their selfish minds. They voted to cut the pay to State workers by 5% but when asked to cut their own by the same amount, it was far too much to ask. They feel that their pay as lawmakers, before it is combined with the pay from their main income, is already too little. So it's ok to slash the primary paychecks to the working man , who by the way pays your State salary,  take away health benefits to the poor and cut school budgets but you can't possibly do without 5% of your secondary pay. I'm sickened by their selfishness.  So many Arizonans have lost their jobs and homes, but they sit back smugly and have the audacity to claim it's not fair. Read the article to see just which of your elected officials, paid from your pocket,  are refusing to do their part. Then make a decision as to whom you want leading our State come November.

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  1. Great Post. RWNJs always want us to sacrifice but show they are unwilling to do the same. Being a politician is the best entitlement program in America


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