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Friday, March 12, 2010

Arizona Legislature passes budget bill with $1B in cuts

“Today, our legislative leadership came together to produce viable solutions to Arizona’s tremendous budget problems. The road to this point hasn’t been easy. We’ve had to make decisions that were tough and we know that not everyone will be happy with the difficult choices we’ve made,” Adams said. “The most necessary choices, however, are not always the most popular. But, needless to say, our goal was never popularity. Our job was to right-size Arizona’s budget, and we are.”

 This paragraph pretty much sums up the mindset of Arizona's Republican Legislature. I can't see where it is ever necessary to cut programs that benefit children unless it's the last, absolutely the last, resort!! I'm so sick and tired of the attitude I've seen come out of the 'Party of No'. It's childish and totally unprofessional! And of course this is happening all over the Country. Teachers, friends of mine, getting pink slips and not knowing if they will be honored or not. Why do the children always have to pay for mistakes and greed of the so called 'Adults' who are supposed to be in charge and looking out for their well being! Why do these fiscal failures continue to be re-elected over and over. Conservatives? Conservatives!!?? The only thing they're interested in conserving is their own special interests and to Hell with everyone else. They get they're constituents in a fervor over gun control and immigration while sticking a knife in they're backs. They stand at the pulpit and preach fear and  war to scare people into listening to their lies and propaganda. And it works. That's the saddest, and most frightening part of all. What has happened to make otherwise good natured folk become mean bully's resorting to immature name calling and down right nastiness. It's a damn dirty shame. My children show more respect and professionalism than many of our government leaders. Perhaps we should simply put children in charge. Couldn't get any worse...Or I suppose it can....
Come November it is imperative that we get  these fear mongerers out and replace them with candidates of the people. It's going to be a long tough row to hoe but if we can do it we will begin to see some real progress in our State. No more cuts to the working poor or education and absolutely no more taking away from our children!

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