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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beth Weisser Running Against Ron Gould For District 3 Az State Senate

Teacher Throws Hat in Ring For Senate Seat

By NEIL YOUNG/The Daily News

 Weisser, 49, is a teacher at White Cliffs middle school in Kingman. 

She shared her motive for running.

“Last spring, when the budget got to be so heated that the state was saying that they were going to take the school districts’ reserve money that’s mandated for them to have, when the state said they were going to use that cash to help balance the budget, that was it,” Weisser said.

“I threw my hands in the air and said, ‘That’s it. I’m running,’ and I’ve questioned that decision since, but every time I question it, I just keep pushing forward,” she said.

“We don’t have to cut everything to have money for the budget,” Weisser said. “There are all kinds of giveaways that the state hands out with our tax dollars to people who don’t need it.”

She cited a tuition credit for private schools. “That’s been shown ... how it’s being used by people who already have the money to afford it.”
“Our state just relies on taxes and people haven’t been paying enough to support what the state has been wanting to spend money on,” she said.

“The average citiz en — middle class — hasn’t had their fair share of the taxes spent on them and now the state wants to keep cutting the money that goes to the middle class,” Weisser said.

“If we decide to keep cutting public service, then that means there’s not enough money in the pot to pay for it, but it’s OK to pay big corporations and give tax breaks to the rich? Don’t think so.”

To attract major business to Arizona, “middle class tax money is being given to stockholders instead of being given to balance the budget for keeping education instead of cutting education,” Weisser said.

Businesses need good schools in order to want to relocate here, she said. “They need a good labor force.”

“We don’t make an environment that’s conducive for them to come, because we strip away all of the culture and education,” Weisser said.

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