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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Az Attorney General's response to the March Special Session

March 25, 2010American's for Prosperity and the Tucson Tea Party hosted a Townhall on How to Stop Obamacare in Arizona. During the town hall, Arizona State Representative Vic Williams and Arizona State Senator Al Melvin, both from District 26, announced that Arizona would be joining the lawsuit against the Federal Government over the government take-over of healthcare that was signed into law earlier this week. The legislature will be in special session Monday to authorize Governor Brewer to take the action since the  
Attorney General, Terry Goddard refused.
 Governor Brewer is planning to go forward with joining other States in a   lawsuit to have the the Health Insurance Reform Bill repealed. Watch the video where Terry Goddard calls it what it is.."weak" not to mention a waste of taxpayer money. The Az Republican legislature has already cut funding to education and childcare services and planning to do more. Where will the $$ for Gov Brewers frivolity come from? Hmmm  Support Terry Goddard in his bid for the office of Governor for the Great State of Arizona so we can put things right for the people!

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