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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Az State Senate~~Out With The Old and Complacent

Ron Gould has done nothing to bring jobs to us in Mohave County!

He voted against preserving physical education in our schools Re: HB2557 at a time when obesity is a national problem!

He doesn't even want to bring Solar technology jobs to Arizona..You know, Arizona where the Sun shines...alot!! Makes you wonder where his energy interests lie.

And what about Wind energy? Mohave County certainly has a lot of wind especially here in the Valley.

All these opportunities to bring industry to our area..finally! We cannot continue to survive off the backs of the casinos!

 Yet he expects a free ride right back into office? Fuggettaboutit!

We need someone who will take the job seriously and Beth is just that person. No more business as usual!

 Be Weisser~~Vote Weisser


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