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Friday, August 20, 2010

Introducing~Energize US !!

Arizona's own US Senate hopeful, Rodney Glassman and Representative Raul Grijalva  have joined forces with "Energize US" !! How exciting to see some positive work toward sustainable Green energy!



From this mornings Press Release~

“We must deliver steady, high paying jobs to America by developing 
new energy technologies to reduce our reliance on foreign oil, “
said David Cozad, Democratic
Congressional Candidate for TX-06. “Today, 8 other
Democratic candidates committed
to join me in Congress and to go to State Legislatures
all over the country to jump start
America's economy with thousands of new,
high paying jobs by making wise energy
choices right now.”

Candidates joining include:

David Cozad, TX-06
Raul Grijalva, AZ-07, Chair House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands
Billy Kennedy, NC-05
Lainey Melnick, TX-21
Michael Puhr IL-SH-104
David Gill, IL-15
Jim Holbert, KY-05
Jerry Policoff, PA-SH-41
Rodney Glassman, AZ-Sen


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  1. I just posted up a link in a discussion I was having on my FB which in summary showed that in Arizona we are paying fourth highest of the 22 states from the Mississippi River to the west coast for electricity.

    The specific link is here:

    The price that every state pays for all sectors is in the next to last column.

    I made the point that California's cost is artificially high because they signed those long term deals some years back that locked in rates when Enron (as it later turned out) was deliberately causing electricity shortages in California to induce them to buy electricity at an inflated rate. It's also safe to assume that Enron (being from Texas) had some influence with that state's utility regulators although they didn't actually try to harm the state for a buck as they did to California.


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