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Friday, August 13, 2010

Private Prisons for Profit

 My good friend and fellow Dem wrote this as a letter to the editor. I thought it was worth posting. 
Thank you Marrion 

Private Prisons for Profit.  $-)

Yes, a prison where an outsider can drive up to the fence with wire cutters  and three prisoners walk out and drive away. 

Where the guards have no weapons (ya gotta be kidding!) and the alarms are ignored when they do work.   See, some dreams do come true!

And these prisons get how many millions of our dollars each MONTH?  Then we taxpayers also have the honor of paying for law enforcement to capture them.

 With SB1070 perhaps they can round up lots of people with brown skin and put them in these prisons to “detain” them.  Wow -  SUCH A DEAL!  More profit.

Gov Brewer denies financial connection to these prisons; however,  two of her advisors, and the wife of one, are possibly on their payroll.  KPHO-TV has the details.  And how much do they donate to Gov Brewer and other lawmakers?

With her fabrications of “beheadings at the Border” (with no bodies for evidence),  and her “the Border areas are paralyzed by violence” - which the local officials say is NOT TRUE, actually crime is down -  she’s selling fear.

 Gov Brewer knows fear gets votes, and is spreading fear like no other; she is working for herself, not Arizona.

We want our taxes to benefit US, not the creator of some fake prison and a governor. Of course the prison says it doesn’t lobby for the detainees, but, golly, where else can they be held?

Last year, under Gov Brewer, an attempt to privatize the entire AZ prison system was made but didn’t succeed after the State Corrections Director sent the Governor a letter saying he couldn’t imagine death row inmates being taken care of by the lowest bidder.  You can’t tell me she doesn’t have a stake in private prisons.

Folks, it’s time to choose another Governor.

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