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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Parraz For Senate


  Official statement from Union organizer and Democratic candidate for U.S Senate, Randy Parraz:

 PHOENIX, AZ— In Payson today, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Randy Parraz spoke out against efforts by corporate lobbyists and Arizona Republican lawmakers to make it difficult for workers to unionize. The full House and Senate were set to debate the measure today.

According to Parraz,

“The corporate lobbyists and Arizona’s Republicans are working to cut off the voices of the working people. They are worried that the United States Congress will pass Card Check legislation that could reduce their power and cut into their bottom dollar.

“The Constitution grants the right to collaborate and speak freely, and it is incumbent upon all of us to protect the people’s right to come together and organize. The most important changes our country has undertaken, whether it’s the work-week, the weekend, minimum wage, or equal rights for all, have been executed by people coming together for a common purpose.

“They want to change the Arizona Constitution to force unions to use secret ballots before workers can organize as a union. There is no such thing as a secret ballot. What some employers do is conduct 3-4 week campaigns where they manipulate and threaten to fire workers who support unions. It has a powerful and chilling effect on the work force. One-on-one meetings send the message quite clearly where employees have to choose between their jobs or to vote no on unionization.

“Organizing communities has been my life-long career and as Senator, my approach would be the same; to strategically bring the Senate together to fight for Card Check legislation. Under Card Check, a union is formed once over 50% of workers decide they want to unionize.”

As a long time advocate for working families, Randy Parraz’ launched a process that led to the first major restructuring of the labor movement in decades. He worked in the housing industry as a political organizer for a residential organizing campaign, exposing unfair treatment of workers, and shady lending practices and treatment of home buyers by home builders and their in-house lending practices.

As Arizona’s next U.S. Senator, one of Parraz’ top priorities will be to create a favorable environment for small and large business to fuel job creation and spur economic growth, including leveraging federal resources to promote immediate and long-term job creation. And he will fight to keep the businesses already in Arizona to remain in Arizona.

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