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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Felicia Rotellini 4 Attorney General Az

 Protect Arizona families and seniors.

Secure our border and stop anything 
illegal from entering our state.

Shut down mortgage fraud and human 
smuggling to build a safer Arizona.

 I’m Felecia Rotellini, and my priorities as your Attorney General are clear. I will fight violent crime and stop predators who threaten our lives and our homes. I will crack down on consumer fraud, gang activity and Mexican cartels bringing drugs, people and guns across our border. I will create a special unit to ensure aggressive prosecution of those who exploit or physically abuse seniors.

I am a veteran prosecutor and financial watchdog who spent 17 years stopping criminals from victimizing everyday Arizonans. When one of the world’s largest accounting firms allowed the Baptist Foundation of Arizona to defraud working families, I helped prosecute the criminals and recovered millions of dollars for the elderly victims. As a regulator, I forced mortgage companies’ loan officers to get licensed. Those are some of the reasons why I have the endorsements of the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police, the Arizona Association of Realtors, the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, the Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association and law enforcement leaders across our state.

Fighting crime isn’t a Democratic, Republican or Independent issue. I’m a political outsider who gets results.

Thank you for your support!

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