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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Renz Jennings 4 Az Corporation Commission

In an email received today from Renz Jennings 
Recently, I wrote to ask you to make a $5 “Clean Elections” contribution to my campaign. I was a founding board member of the Clean Elections Institute, and I am pleased to be running as a Clean Elections candidate. However, there was a recent Supreme Court decision that has caused some confusion about the Clean Elections system and its status for this election.

A number of you responded to our June 11 message asking whether you should still make the $5 Clean Elections donation. 
The Supreme Court action only affects the MATCHING FUND provision of the Clean Election law. Since ALL of the candidates for the Corporation Commission--Democrats and Republicans--are running Clean, this provision is moot in this race. The Republican ACC candidates have all already qualified. None of the Democratic candidates have yet qualified. If Democratic supporters don't give to the Democratic candidates now, our candidates could be terribly disadvantaged when the first funding distribution period comes up. This is the time for Democratic activists to rally behind its candidates and get those $5 contributions in as quickly as possible!
Again, we are closing in our target, but we need additional help to reach our goal—and as soon as possible. If you have not already made your $5 Clean Elections contribution to our campaign, please do so now by downloading the form and returning it, preferably within the next ten days.

My message about a cleaner energy future, stable utility rates and the benefits of local job creation has generated enthusiasm from those who have heard it. More will hear that message once I have received the Clean Elections funding. Please help me get that message out soon by encouraging your friends, associates and family members to make a $5 contribution today.

With sincere thanks,

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