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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The news is out - we stopped corporate tax giveaways. 
See what the AP wrote:
....Brewer’s statement, her most definitive to date on the issue, came two months after the presumptive Democratic nominee for governor, Attorney General Terry Goddard, 
said he could not support Proposition 100 without assurances by Brewer 
that she wouldn’t allow its revenue to be siphoned off by business tax cuts.

Goddard on Tuesday endorsed Proposition 100, taking credit for Brewer’s stance against business tax legislation during the recently ended legislative session. “The corporate tax giveaways that were proposed were always the wrong thing to do for our state and thankfully we stopped them,” he said.

“Prop 100 is not the long-term solution that we need, 
but we cannot balance the budget on the backs our children.”

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