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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona Legislature passes nation's first Knife Preemption Law

Holy Wow!! It's starting to look like the cons in Arizona Legislature are gearing up for a fight...a physical fight! 

 Arizona Knife  Premption Law
Legislative intent:
It is the intent of the legislature to preempt the regulation of knives in this state. Knife regulation is of statewide concern. Therefore, the legislature intends to limit the ability of any political subdivision of this state to regulate knives. This act applies to any ordinance enacted before or after the effective date of this act.

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One of the co-sponsors of SB1153, along with Senator Ron Gould,  is none other than Russell Pearce, author of the controversial immigration bill 1070, who has alleged ties with Neo Nazi/White Supremacist groups in Arizona.

Two Democrats votes yes..
Manny Alvarez and Assistant Minority Leader, Rebecca Rios

  From the "Sonoran"

Knife Rights anticipates that the Arizona preemption law will serve as a model for preemption efforts in other states whose citizens are subject to a similar patchwork of restrictive local knife laws with attendant civil rights issues.  Ritter noted, “We have already been approached by a number of legislators and citizens who want to initiate knife law preemption for their states. Knife Rights will aggressively pursue these opportunities.”
Knife Rights' national strategy is to work to enact knife preemption laws throughout the United States. This would afford the same protection to knife owners that firearms owners in forty six states already enjoy. Arizona is just the start.

The Arizona Legislature has passed the nation's first Knife Preemption Law, sponsored by Knife Rights and national grassroots knife owners organization based in Arizona. By bipartisan votes of 36-19 in the Arizona House and 19-9 in the Arizona Senate, SB1153, Knife Rights' Knife Law Preemption Bill, has been sent to Governor Jan Brewer for her signature, which is anticipated next week. It will take effect 90 days after the legislature adjourns and not only prevents political subdivisions from enacting new ordinances and rules, but voids all existing restrictive knife ordinances. In combination with Arizona's recently enacted constitutional concealed carry law, knife owners in Arizona will enjoy the most accommodating knife laws in the country.
Preemption prevents the creation of, or eliminates, a patchwork of ordinances and rules which serve to confuse or entrap those traveling within or through the state. A person traveling in a state without preemption laws could be charged with a violation of law when they have no intention of violating the law. Further, local ordinances often violate the right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment and, in many cases, by the state’s own constitution.
Senate Engrossed Bill 

The house Bill provides for the exclusion of the preemptive law in regards to public schools (Thank goodness!)

House Engrossed Senate Bill
Here's where it gets very interesting! 
"From an American family addicted to self evident truth, logic and the American Way, Tribe Nugent salutes the efforts of Knife Rights and the citizens of AZ and their great governor for eliminating nonsensical, illogical and downright stupid laws pertaining to sharp edged tools. All knives are good knives, all guns are good guns, just like all blow torches, chainsaws and woodchippers are good too. We pray the rest of America follows the return to common sense like Arizona is leading the way. God Bless Knife Rights!" -- Ted Nugent

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