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Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Good Article RE Trent Franks on Slavery~V~Abortion

Franks equates abortion with slavery - really

"There are American politicians who boldly take on the nation's most difficult challenges, articulating their positions with courage, clarity and consistency. Then there are the folks we elect in Arizona." So says E.J. Montini in the Arizona Republic

 YIKES!! And so it is that this is the State I call home. A place where seeing a patron come into the community bank with a firearm strapped to their leg is a common everyday occurrence. A place where 3/4 of the Republicans in the House are "Birthers" who demand the President produce his Birth Certificate. A place represented by the likes of Congressman Trent Franks. This man has a way of saying one thing then blaming it on someone else for taking it 'out of context' even when he has a multitude of witnesses to the contrary. (I have more on that for a later date.) For now I would like for you to read E.J. Montini's article regarding Franks latest remarks on Slavery and Abortion.

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