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Monday, February 22, 2010

Race to the Right McCain ~V~ Hayworth

JD Hayworth has sided himself with the TeaParty Movement and John McCain as of late has been resorting to stretching the truth in order to maintain his seat on the Senate. Neither one has the good of the Middle Class, Working Poor, Teachers or Healthcare in their agenda.We HAVE to fight hard for Rodney Glassman if we are to achieve the representation the fine state of Arizona needs. Show your pride Arizona! Watch the Video and join me and let's get  Rodney Glassman into that Senate Seat in November!

FOX 10 – The battle between John McCain and JD Hayworth is just getting started. Both sides are picking up endorsements and trading harsh words — and the Republican primary is still six months away… Meanwhile, Tucson Vice-Mayor, Democrat Rodney Glassman, prepares to get in on the race. He sees an opportunity as the Hayworth-McCain cage match heats up.

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