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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lawmaker: On welfare? No beer, HBO for you

I can understand not wanting tax dollars to go toward abusing the system by someone buying alcahol and cigarettes but where does it end? Next it's all entertainment, going to the movies etc and any snacks deemed unhealthy or unnecessary? Soda Pop, candy bars? Lean meat? And...And! encouraging people to rat on their neighbors and friends? I want these legislators who make this shit up to try living this way first before passing judgement on those who hate waking up to the same depression and feelings of worthlessness that so many feel today having lost their jobs, homes and ways of life. Also where do they get off making legislation on a state level pertaining to Federal funds? The party of 'small government' and 'hands off my healthcare'. Well, hands off my 40 ouncer! Peace !

Now read the story : )

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